Monday, February 2, 2009

Bigger than the Manhattan Project, the Economic Stimulus package, and Brangelina, COMBINED!

I've got quite a few projects coming up for this budding new baby of a blog.  When does it get out of baby status?  Well, once all of you can effectively get hawt babes and phat lootz through enhancement shamanism, then maybe I'll promote myself to teenage blog.  

But here are some projects I'm planning:

  1. A leveling guide for enhancement shaman
  2. Gearing up your Shaman for Naxx
  3. Raiding in WotLK  as a Shaman
  4. Boss Strategies for the Enhancement Shaman
  5. Talent Reviews and Builds
  6. A super secret delightfully delicious uber project (No! I'm not telling!)
If you have some projects you'd like to see come to fruition, drop a comment and let me know!  Your wish is my command! *Scrunched nose*


  1. That pic is epic...

  2. DUDE! Out with the leveling guide. Im working on my Shaman and would like you to also weigh in on leveling Elemental vs Enhancement!



  3. I'm working on it!

    And the elemental vs. enhancement question is an age-old question that even Socrates had trouble with!

    Of course, I have a bias: GO ENHANCEMENT!

    But really, that guide'll be out soon enough.