Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Pif Factory

Gonna take a second to pause on the enhancement shaman sexiness and talk about something else.

There are benefits to being an altaholic.  

Some are obvious.  Logging on alt because of the four rogues camping you.  Being able to try out different roles and different classes.  Having a bank alt.  But for me, what I love most is running the daily operations of the Pif Factory!
The Pif Factory is fully equipped with a 350 Enchanter for disenchanting Northrend Greens and blues, a 450 Leatherworker, a 450 Skinner, a 430 Scribe, a 450 Herbalist, and a bank alt that sits in Exodar.

The Skinning and Leatherworking belong to the hunter, Pifoah.  

The Inscription and Herbalism is provided by your neighborhood friendly enhancement shaman, Pif.

Enchanting services was power leveled on Pifoo.

So this is how the Pif Factory works.

Pifoah goes out a hunting.  Killing anything that can be skinned and anything that drops the raid food mats I need for the week's raid.

Whilst hunting, Pifoah picks up some Northrend greenies, vendor trash, meat for raid food, and tons and tons of skins.

Pifoah heads back to Dalaran, sells the vendor trash for a nice chunk of change, crafts some leg armor, and heads to the mailbox.

The Northrend greenies get sent to Pifoo, the Enchanter, the leg armors and excess skins get sent to the Bank Alt, and the raid food meat go to Pif, your neighborhood friendly enhancement shaman.

Pifoo disenchants the greenies, enchants some vellum in the Howling Fjord (I know he's level 64), learns new enchants, and then sends the enchanted vellum and excess enchanting mats to the Bank Alt.

Pif gets raid food mats, cooks up some yummy pigs for raid time, learns his new northrend glyph, advertises his Inscription services on trade chat, and then heads out all over Northrend to pick herbs.

Pif gets back, makes some glyphs, vellums, and perhaps a Darkmoon card or two, and then sends the vellum  to Pifoo the Enchanter and everything else to the Bank Alt.

Bank Alt then sells the glyphs, enchanting mats, leg armors, skins, and perhaps a Darkmoon card or two on the Auction House.

Meanwhile, Pif has got raid food, mats for some flasks, and mats for enchanting ready for raids.

Pifoah's sitting tight waiting for his next hunting expedition.

Pifoo is steadily leveling his enchanting at level 64.  

Bank Alt is ridiculously rich for a level 23 paladin.

And the Pif factory chugs along nicely without doing a single daily.



  1. Reader reporting for duty, sir! What Sergeant K of the K-Brigade demands, Sergeant K gets.

    I have recently ratcheted back on the Nesh factory due to time constraints.

    1. Herbalize up some Fireleaf, LB, and goldclover, mill any deadnettle and icethorn.
    2. Fish up some agi food.
    3. Grumpity-grump back to Honor Hold, pull out the gorilladin, pull all the buzzards in the ravine, harvest pet food.
    4. 16-20g from just one quest, anywhere, will more than cover the cost of a raid night.
    5. [Secret technique]
    6. Profit!

    Does door #5 involving raiding the bank of an enh shammy? Yes, yes it does.

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